"B's Yellow Sweater"

48" X 60" Oil on canvas, 2015


2015 - 2016

I am a huge admirer of a well-rendered portrait and in 2015 I began a side project that I thought about doing for a number of years and finally worked up the wherewithal to undertake. 


Approach and then persuade people (stranger or no) who I find visually compelling to pose for a portrait in oils. As something of an introvert I find this undertaking especially daunting. Much more so than the act of painting itself.  I shall contrive to have a half dozen or so of these portraits done before the end of 2016. 


 Scale - Life Size and Larger


To reproduce a glimpse of what engaged me about the subject in the first place, transcend the purely representational and perhaps capture something of their nature.
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 ''Johnny with Do Rag"

48" X 40" Oil on Canvas, 2015

"The Brothers Doyle"

46" X 40" Oil on Canvas, 2015

"Entwhistle and McDaniel"

48" X 48" Oil on Canvas, 2015

"Brother and Sister"

36" X 60" Oil on linen, 2015

"Chris and Katie"

54" X 38" Oil on Linen, 2016

"Back Porch, Sudley Place"

54" X 38" Oil on Linen, 2016

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